Related posts issue

Can you help me with some issue, please?
When I enter in my site for the first time, the “related post” doesn’t apear. But, when I refresh it, or click in some photo, for exemple, then the “related post” apear.
The same thing ocurr with the galery image. When I click in the image for the first time, it show the image without the galery (the photo´s url). Then, I press back button in the browse, click in the same image again, and then it works.
Website is .

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Im sorry but I was not able to reproduce your problem on my side, everything is working without any problem, can you try it again? also, if possible please share screenshot or screencast of the issue

Hi, I recorded a video to show the issue I talked about

In addition, I disabled all plugins to guarantee that the problem weren’t caused for some of then.


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Please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS

.single-post .owl-carousel {
display: block;
.owl-carousel .owl-item {
width: 230px;
margin-right: 20px;

Colorlib Support Team


1 - Now the related post appear when I enter the page for the first time, but not in the correct format; When I click in something, like a photo, for exemplo, after closing it, the related post appears correctly (wich is carousel);
2 - The issue with the photo still heppens. When I first click the image, I am redirected to URL’s photo. When I click the back button from browser, and then click agan the image, it appear corretly in the galery plugin. I have tested with many plugin, and ocurred the exactly same thing;
3 - Another problem that have been ocurring, the blog sidebar doesn’t appear in mobile version. I “solved” it by installing the pluggin “WordPress Popular Post” or similar, but after the installing, all links stoped working.

I’m trying to post 2 videos to exemplify what I said, but I can’t because it is SPAM. :frowning:

Please, help me.


Sorry for the delay
By default this problem should not happen, to debug this please deactivate all your third party plugins, including any caching service and check again


I inserted the CSS code below and disabled the post related option and went back to working.

#secondary {
display: inline-block;

The only problem that sometimes the lightbox plugin does not work, especially using the computer.


Ok, nice to hear you resolved this problem :slight_smile:
Feel free to ask any question