Related posts not showing


My related posts were showing up fine when I had everything set to “uncategorized” however once I went through and added custom categories to the posts (so the posts shown would actually be related) the related posts section has disappeared entirely? How can I get it back and showing the proper posts that are related by category?

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Related posts are showing by tags and not by categories, so, make sure you are using the same tags in the posts :wink:

I added tags to all my posts, the same one on many of them. However in lots of post there is still no related posts section showing even though there are multiple posts tagged with the same thing. And then on the few that are showing a related posts section it only shows 1 related post, even though there are multiple posts with the same tag… I need to it show at least 3.

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Let me see it, please provide a link to the website

Here is the link to the blog section

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