remove 3 footer widgets

Hello, how are you?

2 questions about the footer:

  • by default, your theme is coming with 4 footer widgets. Can I remove 3 footer widgets so that I can center my footer text?

  • the height of the footer bar is to much, can I make it smaller?

Was is an awkward question? Did you understand my questions?

Hi @mathieu,

Could you send us your livewebsite so we could check?



I’m working on a localhost for the moment.
In the screenshot you can see that:

  1. the footer bar is too high
  2. the sentence is not 1 line but breaks

I have worked with a text widget in the footer widget.


As I could not see the code, please follow the tutorial from the file attached.



thanks for the info, I’ll check it out later.

My site is online:
In the footer, I want the following text “Deze site is een project van het ventje voor TheCanadianSolution” in one straight line without breaking.
This sentence is placed in a text widget within a footer widget.

I also want the footer bar being not so high.

hi @mathieu,

Use this css code for the text:


Footer bar not so high, reduce the padding, like this:

footer {
    padding: 33px 0;


thanks a lot, I can do something with that!


You’re welcome.



Hi @mathieu,

Can you explain how you put the contact form in your website? I think he is inside the parralax section?

Thanks for the help

yes, it’s in the parralax section, but I think it’s another widget then the default, start another topic to ask support.
I used WPForms Lite plugin.

Hi @mathieu,

Thank you for your help.

@carlossoares. post a new thread and I will help you.