Remove blog excerpt and just have blog title and image

Currently on my blog page where it has a grid view it has the blog post image, date, author, title, and also the ENTIRE blog post right on that page. I just want it to have the image and title. That’s all. How do i do that?

this is what it looks like. I want it to just be an image and the title so they can click on it.


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Please go to Appearance > Widgets > Sidebar and check the blog sidebar to see if there are widgets there are remove any widgets from the sidebar.

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So the blog page has a side bar. I want some of the other pages on the site to have a sidebar but not the blog pages. I disabled the sidebar in blog index settings but it didnt work. I also did what you said and i went to appearance > Widgets > Sidebar and it doesnt say blog. It only says homepage and footers 1-4. Any ideas on what to try next?

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You have to disable displaying full blog post content from settings > reading also, utilize excerpts please check this link: What is a WordPress Excerpt? (Tips and Tricks)