Remove Border Radius Everywhere

I’m trying to disable the border radius on all the buttons to match the rest of the theme. Specifically the “Read More” and search buttons.

So far I’ve tried various combinations to start with the read more buttons in the CSS editor:

body, .btn .btn-default .btn.btn-default {
	border-radius: 0;

But that’s wrong

Here’s the site:

Thanks in advance,

  • Roman

This is how it would look without border radius, looks very sleek.

  • border radius removed from sidebar/widget area
  • border radius removed from search button
  • border radius removed from read more buttons

Thank you for the theme!

Okay, took me a second, but I eventually figured it out. Posting so others can find the solution so here it is:

.btn {
	border: none;
	border-radius: 0;

.well {
	border-radius: 0;
.dropdown-menu {
        border-radius: 0;

Removes border radius on all buttons as well as the sidebar widget area.

Hi @romansc,

Awesome great to see you got that achieved.

Please advise if you have more questions.

Have a fantastic day!