remove colorlib and wordpress branding from pages

Is there any way to remove colorlib and wordpress branding from the pages of this site I’m building:
I’d also like to get rid of the ugly black band it sits inside if possible.

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Yes, that’s possible but first you need a license for that:

Are you saying I have to pay to remove the branding from a wordpress website? I heard it was not allowed to charge for that and also that the “display none” method had big dangers. I just want to know the safe free method that should be available.

I will try a different theme if I can’t do it for free. But this should not be described as a free theme if it is not really true. In this country that is illegal and called “False advertising”.

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The theme is free but in this case you want a license for the theme. Keep in mind that you can remove it once you have coding knowledge.

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It is silly to ask users to edit the theme file extras.php in the parent theme. Also, the documentation is out of date in terms of removing the Colorlib and WordPress branding; I am running Sparkling 2.4.8 and the Sparkling child theme. It is equally absurd to have to add a function in the child theme to remove this branding. It seems Sparkling has gone backward and made it as difficult as possible to de-brand the footer. In 2021, themes should be as OEM as possible, with no reference to the parent company. Just my 2 cents. So my question is: do you plan on adding footer customization in the child theme that allows users to easily remove proprietary branding?

Also telling the world (and hackers) that the site is WordPress is bass-ackwards as well in modern web design. You should never freely reveal the tech stack of a site. Make them dig for it. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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Thanks for your input, I agree with you, as you may know, theme was developed in the back several years ago, the update is a good idea and we have it in the plan, however I cant say when exactly this will happen, in the meantime you may use existing solution