remove default menu in shiftnav with css


I am using shiftnav so I can alter the appearance of my mobile menu layout. I am using illdy theme which I love. In the shiftnav settings, I want to set them so that the original hamburger menu from the illdy theme is disabled so that it is just the shiftnav hamburger menu when a mobile device is detected.

Shiftnav settings say:
Hide Theme Menu
Enter the selector of the theme’s menu if you wish to hide it below the breakpoint above.
For example, #primary-nav or .topnav.
This setting requires you to set the Toggle Breakpoint setting for it to have an effect.

I am confused on which of the codes i am supposed to select to then paste into the css box (see picture attached)- could you help?

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I have just used the code:


however that then removed the illdy mobile hamburger as well as the shiftnav hamburger! Which is not ideal, as only want to remove/hide the illdy one

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Try this: .open-responsive-menu
and if it not worked come back with your website url

Hi, thank you for getting back to me so quick.
I’m afraid it did not work, ,my site is also currently on a stage site and is not yet live, so am not sure that a url would work?

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Hi, thank you!

User: Candice
Password: $3amBcs14

The site is now live, thanks

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Please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS

.open-responsive-menu {
display: none !important;

this means a class of the menu is: .open-responsive-menu

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That has worked perfectly! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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I am glad the solution worked for you.
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