Remove Featured Slider and Add Feature Subscribe Box

Hello. I have tried to post four times now and for some reason it is not going through. I hope this goes through now. I am wondering if there is a way to remove the featured slider and replace it with a subscribe/opt-in email featured area?

Thanks in advance.



Forum is Akismet protected and there might be many reasons why your messages didn’t get through but all these reasons has to do with spam. Spammy email, spammy looking website URL and your IP and email is already banned by Akismet.

To replace slider with anything you want you should add your custom code (Mailchimp subscription for or whatever) above or below this code <?php dazzling_featured_slider(); ?> Depending on what setup you have, you should either do it inside index.php file (if blog is used in front page) or inside front-page.php (if static page is used on front page).

Thank you for replying with help. I sincerely appreciate it.

After putting in the custom code in the index.php file, will it be affected by any wordpress updates in the future?

Also, do you offer any custom side work if I were to pay for it?



Unfortunately, I am not available for freelance work because I am already working around the clock on Colorlib.

It will not be affected by WordPress or plugin updates but changes will be removed when you will update theme itself. To avoid this, you can use Child Theme. You simply need to copy/paste index.php file to Child Theme folder and make necessary changes there. That way you will make your website update safe.