Remove Footer

Hey Pixova Team, its me again, we found out, that my footer was gone today, and that was good. Now i checked back and the footer is there again, I dont get it.

I want to keep my Social Media Widget, but the rest of the footer should disappear again, do you have a solution for that? :slight_smile:

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user name is Chris and the password is WYgiZ}P$gWyD

Hey there,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

The footer shows when you’re logged in.
It won’t show to your regular users so its fine.

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Oh I forgot to answer, its all good now :)I want to change some background colors, should i start a new thread for this, so others can find it more easily?

Hello there,

That would be best.

Please go ahead and create a new thread as I will close this one since the issue is resolved.

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