Remove Front Page Text

How do I get rid of the front page text?

“lldy is a great one-page theme, perfect for developers and designers but also for someone who just wants a new website for his business. Try it now!”

I tried using the tutorial videos, but the text box wasn’t where the videos state it is.


This is quite strange, I see that the homepage is not setted up after it’s supposed to.

I’m not really sure what front page do you want to remove, so maybe you can provide me some visuals - screenshot so I can better understand what is going on.

Since we documented the theme there has been some changes that still have to be re-done in the video documentation, as well, so please bear with us until we get it up to date.

For now, what I can definitely recommend you is to make sure that you had install the required plugin Illdy Companion as this will give you access to modify all the text in Dashboard > Appearances > Customize.

Kind regards

The plugins was the issue! Thanks!

That’s great news, I’m happy that you got it fixed!