Remove header titles and replace them with your own

Hello. How can I remove all page header titles from my website and add custom ones? For example, on the “news” section of my website, which is essentially the blog, I don’t know how to remove the double “Vijesti” title (Croatian for News) and add custom, beatiful looking titles. How do I do this?

Link to news section:

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You can use the following CSS code to remove the first title by going to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and pasting it there. {
    display: none;

As for the header, you would need a plugin to add that. Here is one to try:

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I have tried installing the recommended plugin but I need to have the genesis theme in order to be able to use it. Do you have another plugin recommendation that would work with the shapely theme?

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Try to search and test them, there is a lot of plugin under your search term