Remove menu bar for a specific page

Hello, I need help

I want to make landing pages in travelify theme and I want to know if it’s possible to remove the menu bar and footer in certain pages.
I tried this CSS codes but it doesn’t work (My landing page’s ID is 385):

.page-id-385 .header-wrap .col-md-8 {
  display: none;
.page-id-385 .standard_menu_type {
  display: none;

landing page:

hope you can help me with this, greetings!

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I hope you are doing well today.

You can use the following CSS code to remove the header and footer by going to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and pasting it there.

/*Remove menu bar*/
.page-id-385 #main-nav {
    display: none;

/*Remove footer*/
.page-id-385 #site-generator {
    display: none;

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Thank you so much, it worked perfectly!

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You’re welcome, happy to help.

let us know if there’s anything else you’d like us to assist you with,

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Hello, I am using the Unite theme and I have tried to add this CSS to remove the menu from a specific page but unfortunately, it doesn’t work.
.page-id-1447 #main-nav {
display: none;

Any help much appreciated,


Hi Justing

Try this code instead:

.page-id-385 #branding {

Hello, thank you for the reply. This code didn’t work. I changed to the correct page ID but nothing happened. Any other edits I could try?

hey there

Show me the code in your css, I think there must be a typo error

.page-id-1447 #branding {


Sorry, I mean, give me the screenshot, or, please send me admin details and I will fit it once and forever :smiley:

ok, thanks, here are the details.
Username: Justin



I am only looking for the menu on this 1 specific page to be removed

Well, that’s different thing that menu is displayed from the Megamenu plugin, I made changes, please check again

hello and thanks for trying. I need the menu on homepage and all pages, except the register page. If that is possible?

Yes, it’s possible and changes are made by considering your wish, please verify

Hello, yes, if you can put the menu on the homepage ( all pages ) and remove it from the register page (REGISTER 2021 – Natixis-Ezine) . That would be great! much appreciated


Did you read my earlier messages? :slight_smile:
I already made that changes, you dont have menu on the registration page:

yes, thank you, but I also need the menu on the homepage


Ok, please check it again

amazing ! thank you so much ! have a great day.