Remove redirects + text projects to appear om homepage


I’ve noticed that my website has been really slow. I’ve done all that I can do (minimize image size etc). One thing I can’t change is to delete the redirects. It’s possibly in the code since I don’t have it on my other website (with a theme and the same plugins). I really want to have it out since it slows down my website a lot and all those redirects are destroying my website-usability.

Can you help me out here.

Another aspect I want to change but don’t know how to is to add the roll over text across the project images on the homepage again. I’ve deleted it in the past, but I want to add it since it’s better that people can also see the title and a button to click on for the projects (highlighted shows in our case).

I hope you can help me out with these two points.

The website you can take a look at is
Inlog is: vdvsh
Password: CarMar88

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I hope you are doing well today.

In order to manage the redirects of the site, you will have to manage the redirects manually however clearing your cache and deactivating plugins that you are not using can help also.

Here is a useful article on the topic:

As it relates to the hover text, how did you go about removing it? If it was with CSS then you can remove that CSS code and it should reappear.

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