Remove some testimonials in PL

I am trying to remove testimonials 4 + 5 (I only want 3 customer testimonials) from the default/ dummy content.

How can I remove the additional ones? Just removing the name and not putting a description does not work.

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You must do it from the appearance > customize, navigate to the testimonial section and remove testimonials manually,

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It seems to not work. I have removed the testimonials there but they are still showing on the site. See screenshot.

I am also looking into entirely hiding certain sections of the template. For example, I don’t have/ want a blog. So I am looking for “hiding” or fully removing certain categories.


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on your picture, testimonial 4 widget must be removed, you may have content blank but it will show default content when its blank, so you have to remove widget itself
Every section has the option to hide it, when you open section for customization you will see an option to make it hidden

that’s exactly what I’m asking - how to I remove/hide the widget itself?

The option to “hide” it is simply not there as you can see in my previous screenshot.

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If you removed, them it should work. Try clearing your browser cache after removing the testimonial.

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not sure if you read my message, but the option to remove the widget does not exist!

So while I can remove the content (which will be replaced with dummy content), I cannot “hide” any of the sections. This is not a caching issue.

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Ok, let me show you this :slight_smile: please send me your access credentials and I will check it, Don’t forget to mark your reply as private!
Colorlib Support Team

lol… I guess you just pushed out an update. I updated the plugin “contact form 7” and now I can hide entire sections.

However, I’m still not able to actually clean up the content for testimonial content 4 and 5. What access details exactly do you need?


No, we did not released update :slight_smile:
i need temporary access details, admin name or password, or Please use this plugin to create temporary access for us, its automatic login link and does not requires sharing your admin details. here is How To guide. at the and don’t forget about  “Set as private reply” at the bottom of the message box  

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let’s see if it worked out. Check out:

I added you as [email protected] and the link should be valid for 24h.

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any news on this?

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Sorry, looks like we missed your reply, can you please enable link again?

Hey, guys. This is simple to solve!
Go to the “public_html/wp-admin/wp-content/themes/pixova-lite/sections/” and open the file “section-testimonials.php”
Now comment the testimonial you want. Example

obs: “/* */” notice the quotation mark

// Testimonial #2
$pixova_lite_testimonial_2_person_name = get_theme_mod( ‘pixova_lite_testimonial_2_person_name’ );
$pixova_lite_testimonial_2_person_description = get_theme_mod( ‘pixova_lite_testimonial_2_person_description’ );

Image Manipulation

$pixova_lite_testimonial_2_person_image_customizer = get_theme_mod( ‘pixova_lite_testimonial_2_person_image’ );
$pixova_lite_testimonial_2_person_image = pixova_lite_get_customizer_image_by_url( $pixova_lite_testimonial_2_person_image_customizer, ‘thumbnail’ );

if ( ! $pixova_lite_testimonial_2_person_image ) {
$pixova_lite_testimonial_2_person_image = $pixova_lite_testimonial_2_person_image_customizer;

Just a correction
Old path

New path

@matheusrfjava thank you for sharing your solution :slight_smile: