Remove spacing between features section

Hello I am having trouble trying to reduce the padding between the features section on my website. Can anyone possibly help out? I am not liking all the space between the icons. Thank you!

Also I am noticing that when I navigate the menu at top there is a large grey box before the title of the menu appears, how do I delete that grey box?

Or if there is no way to remove spacing is There anyway to add additional rows so I could have the 12 icons?


I see that you already added 12 icons and the texts in the website? Also, for the gray box, go to Appearance -> Customize -> Blog Settings -> Blog Single Settings -> Show title in header Turn off this setting.

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ok thank you it worked. is there any way to redact my website info in the original post?

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I hope you are doing well today.

I moved it to another post and made it private.

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