Remove ” Theme by Colorlib Powered by WordPress” from Footer

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Referring to the reply from mikesupport17: You recommended solving the problem within the child theme, but you didn’t explain how to do that.
I tried around with different methods, but none worked properly.
Where do I have to place which code in the child theme? I tried to create a new directory “inc” and place the file “extra.php” there. What code must the file contain? The complete file with commented out lines does not work. The extra.php in the root path of the child theme does not work either.

Commenting out these lines in the parent theme does work, but leads to errors if, for example, a plugin like GTranslate is used. The language flags of the plugin in the right footer corner disappeared after commenting out the lines. Same effect with other plugins (e.g. Skype Live Chat) when they have graphic characters in the footer area of the frontend.
It seems to be tricky and does not work reliably to comment out the lines. Also, I have not managed to use a child theme.
Thanks for the help.

Hi there

Please provide link to your website, let me see it

look to the footer of the website

the standard (without commenting out the lines in extra.php) looks like this (flags and graphic signs of the above named plugins are visable)

the part in extra.php commented out

the result: copyrigt text is disabled, but also other parts from other plugins


Its already disabled, let me see it please enable

Now I have set it back to “enabled”. (the clean extra.php without changings)

J’ai voulu enlever le copyright , sur le bas de ma page, j’ai fini par trouver en modifiant les CSS additionnels :
/*cacher le copyright en pied de page */
div.copyright.col-md-6 {
display: none;
Je n’ai pas relevé de problèmes. Ça efface et libère l’espace, il n’est seulement caché !
Et le bas de page prends moins de place sur smartphone !
Si cela peut vous aider…

It is a possible way. Thank you for this suggested solution. It works.

However, with the CSS addition, the copyright adjustment in the footer is also disabled (Sparkling Settings >> Footer >> Footer Information). It looks like we can’t have everything and have to live with a compromise.


You may use this code:

.copyright {
visibility: hidden;

This code also works fine and has the same effect like the code from “feneon”.

The copyright line is composed of a general part and an individual part in the theme’s Customizer settings (information). Is a separate influence to the general part possible at all and do the individual settings remain visible?

Hi there

" Is a separate influence to the general part possible at all and do the individual settings remain visible?" - sorry, but not clearly understand this part of the question

the copyright line consists of 2 parts: the first part (left area) is set individually via the customize function of the theme (Sparkling Settings >> Footer >> Footer Information). The second part (right area) “Theme by Colorlib Powered by WordPress” is a general part of the theme (via inc\extra.php).

The code
.copyright {
visibility: hidden;

deletes both sections because they are on the same line although they are generated from different sections…

Is there a way to keep the individual area via Sparkling Settings >> Footer >> Footer Information?



Yes, and it’s in the footer.php files, you have to manually edit it

I come back to my initial question, that is exactly the problem. The lines should be commented out in extra.php.
My question at the beginning was whether this can also be solved in a child theme and if so, how? I have not been able to implement it successfully.

Extra.php file can not be overridden in the child theme, you may use a CSS solution in this case

@stefanbraun i think you have all possible solution for now, you may use one of them

In summary, it can be stated that the copyright line, compiled from different areas, can only be treated in a general way. Many thanks for the support.

Yep, thank you too and have a nice day :slight_smile: