Remove theme table design?


Is it possible to remove the Sparkling table design? I’m not sure how to explain this. Please see the attached images.

The default Sparkling table has a certain theme attributes (background colours, fonts, hover animations). Is it possible to remove all of these for a single page and only have the bare essential table?

hey there

Well, this will require some custom CSS if you want it only for one page, basically, you have to restyle tables from scratch, you have to reset curent style by new CSS rules, possible but needs a custom approach

Oh no. Sounds like a complicated operation.

I was hoping this could be done with several lines of code.

How many lines of code would you estimate?


I can’t say how many lines of code needs to be changed :slight_smile:
Can you post one example here? let’s take a look

I decided not to proceed with this. It seems too complicated and it was needed on many different pages.

Thanks anyway, Noda.

You are welcome dear :slight_smile:
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