Remove title attribute from main menu links for Sparkling theme


when holding the mouse on a menu item a description of the link appears (html title attribute).
For menu item “Item 1” I don’t need a description “Item 1” displayed because it is obvious.

Is there a way to hide this description? Maybe via Custom CSS? I have not set up “HTML-Attribut title (optional)” in the Menu Editor.


Title is enabled to provide custom functionality for menu such as icons, dividers, sections, deactivated items etc. You can go ahead and edit default nav walker which you can find in theme folder - inc - navwalker.php

Thanks Aigars, it does work!

If anyone else is interested in the solution:

Comment the following line out:
$atts['title'] = ! empty( $item->title ) ? $item->title : '';


// $atts['title'] = ! empty( $item->title ) ? $item->title : '';

I do not know if there are other parts that will not work or if it has negative influence on searchmachines, but icons do work as well as the divider!

Kind regards!

Thank you for posting this solution here! I hope others will find it useful as well.

Thank you!

How could I change the code so that the custom attribute/description that I add to the menu items shows up instead of the title?

right now it’s just the title showing on rollover.

Thank you!


This theme uses “Title Attribute” to add icons inside menu like it is described on theme documentation.

It doesn’t have default WordPress menu behavior because of those icons as we have to find some field to use for them.

Thank you for your response…

Is there any way to create an item that pops up on roll over of the 2nd level menu item for some brief line of text to be shown?

thank you!



I’ve accomplished this task via custom function (added in functions.php) and javascript. Unfortunately, because of this site’s security policy, I can’t upload or paste the code here.

Custom Function with JS that remove links titles.


Best regards and thank you very much for this nice WP theme!

@spas I hope you are well today and thanks for helping out here in this forum by sharing solution.

You can share code files by archiving them in zip file.

Your help here is really appreciated.