Remove title/bottom header on blog page but not on single blog posts

Hello, I am trying to find out how to remove the title of the blog page but keep the blog posts’ titles on my website. I searched through the forum but I only found a way to remove the bottom header which removes the title on each blog post as well.

Is there any way I can keep the post titles and remove just the page titles?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hey there

Please provide links to the blog pages you want to remove titles from, this is possible by custom CSS and I can help you with it

Hello, thank you for the reply. I don’t want the title to be visible here: Blog –

So I removed it with this code:

#header {

But I want the title to be visible here:

and on every single blog post page as well.

Thank you for the links

Leave your code as-is and add this one:

.single-post {
display: block !important;