Remove unwanted adult spam links in WordPress theme header


We are having a bit of a weird problem. One of our users notified us that the header of our Wordpress website displayed a link to a porn site. The link does not appear in Chrome but is present in Safari and in Firefox.
We have attached a screenshot for reference and have included bellow the code showing the link.

Unfortunately we have no idea with file to edit to remove this link.

Thank you for your help

<div class="wrapper">
				<header id="branding" >
	<div class="container clearfix">
		<div class="hgroup-wrap clearfix">
					<section class="hgroup-right">
											</section><!-- .hgroup-right -->
				<hgroup id="site-logo" class="clearfix">
												<h1 id="site-title">
								<a href="" title="" rel="home">
									<img src="" alt="">
				</hgroup><!-- #site-logo -->

		 <a href="">fucking asian cute by moster cock</a> 
 </div><!-- .hgroup-wrap -->
	</div><!-- .container -->
		<nav id="main-nav" class="clearfix">

Hi @wolfandzebra,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

By default the Travelify theme doesn’t display any such URL so it seems like the hacking or virus attack on your site.

You can check the suspicious link added in the following Travelify theme on line number 211


Alternatively you can just try deleting and reinstalling the Travelify theme so that any unwanted code gets removed.

To prevent this from happening, you should make your site more secured by using the solutions posted on the following URLs.

Best Regards,