Remove white area from bottom of front page

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New to Illdy and trying to remove the white area from the bottom of the front page on my website:

Any help most appreciated!


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Sorry but i can’t see any white area at the bottom of the page, i can’t even see the footer at all, most probably you made changes after the ticket was opened

Colorlib Support Team

Hi there,
I’m still seeing it on my MacBook Pro, iPad and Android phone. Am attaching a screenshot from my phone to show what I see.

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Thanks for the follow-up. I rechecked the link and I was finally able to see the issue.
Please add this CSS

#header {
    height: 100%;

in appearance - customize - additional CSSThanks!

That’s got it - brilliant - thank you!

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You are most welcome.

Feel free to let me know in case something else comes up :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Something has just come up actually! For some reason ‘Front Page’ appears on the menu at the top, even though it’s not listed in the menu structure. Is this removable at all?

Thanks again!

Oh, and also the menu is appearing in alphabetical order for some reason rather than the order I’ve put them in.

Thanks again!

Sorry, one more thing!

I’d like to change the font globally to Playfair Display and can’t see where I’d do that.

Thanks once again!

Hi There,

Thanks for the follow-up.

Yes, you can remove the menu item using CSS code by targetting the specific menu element.

Hope this helps.