Request to finish Shapely theme documentation

Thank you for creating such a beautiful, modern theme.

When will the theme documentation be finished for the Shapely theme? The last few sections still list “Coming soon.”

Also, could you please list recommended image sizes in the manner that the Sparkling theme does in it’s documentation? (See example below from Sparkling.) I want to ensure the full screen images I select for use in Shapely are large enough to appear correctly across all monitors, but not so large that they cause the page load speed to languish. Your insights would be greatly appreciated.

8. Recommended Image Sizes

Featured Image (Blog and Single Post) is set to 750 by 410 pixels.
Featured Slider Images. Personally I use 1920 by 550 pixel images for Sparkling Demo but you can feel free to use any other image size. Images won’t be scaled and you will get what you upload.

Please note! Images for slider is not resized and are displayed the same size you uploaded them. Other images such as featured images for posts are resized automatically as you upload them.

Hi @juana,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

I confirm that the theme documentation is delayed due to other workload but we will try our best to complete it ASAP.

The post featured image size is 848px X 566px

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Hi @Movin,

Thank you kindly for your lightning-fast response! Do those dimensions apply also to images that will be used in a full-screen capacity in the parallax widget sections? When I use the “inspect” feature in Chrome, if I am reading it correctly, it says 875px x 671px for the first image on the Shapely demo.

It’s an image of the sea with the words “We Change Everything Wordpress.”

The parallax widget section background image has size 2880px X 1923px but you can use half the size of this fro the background image so that your site loading time will be improved.


I’m looking for the optimal image size for a parallax widget as you mention above, to get the best resolution. In addition to that i want to use an image that really can’t be cropped without losing important details on the top and bottom. I tried 1920x1080 first, but it got cropped both on the upper and lower part.

My original size i exactly the same ratio as 2880x1923, so i tried that, but still it gets cropped. Is it something wrong with my setup, or is it supposed to happen? Or let my rephrase the question: Is it possible to make the parallax widget show the whole 2880x1923 image in fullscreen?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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