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I want little Stars (look at the Screenshot) on the Required fields in my Comments. How can i do that?

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Where is this form on your website?

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I want these little stars on the Required fields “Name” and “E-mail” on my Comments. If this is possible =)

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In order to have the required field star then you need to edit the contact form that you are using and change the desired field to be a required field.

This guide should help you:

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thx, i will test it =)

I see, this Tutorial is for “Contact Form 7 plugin”. I I do not use that Plugin =/
This is the Standard comment from Wordpress.

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This is not default WordPress comments form then use this plugin: to get the file name used for this page, then open that file in the code editor find your strings and edit it, at the end don’t forget to use child theme for changes