resize homepage slider for travelify WordPress theme


is there a possibility to decrease the size of the slider in the homepage in order to fit the left layout so it will look like the attached image? If is not possible with the main slider, do you know any other plugins that can do it?

Thanks in advance.

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It is possible to do with existing slider but it will require a major overhaul in theme. The thing is that technically slider is inside header/menu area but you need to get down it in into content area. It is also set to full content width and it will overlap sidebar once moved down.

It is going to be much easier to just use Meta Slider. More information about his plugin is available here.

Let me know if this helps.

the information helps but I don’t know where to put the shortcode, since my homepage is the default page and it doesn’t exist in pages. Any ideas how to do it?


Yes, I would like to do the same but the Meta Slider plugin doesn’t appear in my “pages”. Any ideas? I researched online and found that you can replace some code in the header.php, however the travelify theme doesn’t have that particular code in the php file.

Thanks for any info :slight_smile:

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