Resize (Make Bigger) the Circle Shaped Photo of Testimonials on the Homepage...

Can you please help me resize the circle-shaped photo that appears as part of the testimonials (the feature photo) of the testimonials?



Go to Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS and add this CSS Snippet in it,

.testimonial-img { width:150px; height:150px; }

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Perfect! Thank you @laranz :slight_smile:

Hi @playalovesme,

Glad we helped. :slight_smile:

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I need to make my picture smaller and place it in the middle. How can I do this?


Hey there

Dear iuliaradu from what i see you are using code provided by my colleague here and this code is working, in order to make your image smaller you have to change image width and height properties in the code, at this moment its 150px while natural size was 100px, you can use numbers bellow 100px to make testimonial images smaller than normal, try something like 70px, for height and for width

let me know if this helped or if you have any other question

It still shows as being very big…it does not look like it’s changed on my screen :(. Picture attached.

Hey, just lowe the numbers, save and lets check it again :slight_smile:

Just to be sure, im about testimonial section at the bottom part of your website :slight_smile:

I have, that is where the screenshot is from. I have clicked published, how can I send you a link to see it? as it’s not in draft anymore :frowning:

Hey there

From what i see code is not changed, it still shows 150px, i can do this for you
Please send me your WordPress login info along with your website URL and I will take a look at that.

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Its: iuliaradu

Thank you!

Good evening

Im little bit confused but finally, i understand your question, you started with testimonial image problems with this link: and here theme is shapely and then you continued with similar problem but this time theme is Illdy and domains is also different :slight_smile: that the reason why css not worked in different theme :slight_smile:

ok, let’s say this long story shortly
this is css code i added in appearance > customize > additional css:

.img-circle {
margin: 0 auto;

This code will center alling alling image.
now, regarding image size, there is not necessity to add extra CSS code just for size, imply resize the image on your pc and upload your preferred size :slight_smile:

I hope i helped this time :slight_smile:

Thank you loads! Really appreciate it!!!Sorry for the mistake as well :frowning:

No problem with this :slight_smile:

You are welcome :slight_smile:

this case is closed now