Resizing of Images


I’m new to both WordPress and the Travelify theme. When I upload a picture to be the “featured image” for a post I’m struggling to have it resize appropriately. These pictures are from a digital camera and therefore are ~3000x2700 pixels instead of the recommended ~1000x400. I was having a similar problem with the slider images - they too were being mostly cut off.

I went into functions.php and changed some of the heights to help display the entire image. This works as a short term solution, but the pictures are, not surprisingly, huge. Is there a way to resize the image before posting it as my featured image? When inserting a picture/media INTO a post I’m given the option of small/medium/large/actual which works great! I want to be able to do something simple like this with my media files being used as feature images/slider images. Is there a way to do so?

Thank you so much!

To keep the same aspect ratio for all your images without resizing them you can adjust image height via functions.php to something like 9999 but leave default width of these images. That way WordPress will resize your images but won’t crop them of course unless image is more than 9999px in height, but I don’t think that you will push it that hard :slight_smile:

Thank you for the quick reply. That solution definitely works, but is there any way to “resize” the image, so that it will be in a smaller size? I find that the large images take up a bit too much space. So what I want to do is keep the original image but in a smaller size, kind of like what happens when inserting a picture into a post where you choose the size of the image when uploading it.

Thank you!

My given example would still resize images based on width, so your images will no longer be 3000 by 2700px but instead will be resized to 1018px or to 670px in width depending on where they will appear on theme. These images will be much, much smaller than original ones but will keep the same aspect ratio.

For images you have already uploaded you will have to use regenerate thumbnail plugin because they are not going to be resized automatically as they are already uploaded.