Responsive Problems

Hi there,
I’m from Germany and i actually work with a Mac (Safari 7.0.1) and iPhone 5 (iOS 7.0.1)

I like this Theme soooo much. There are only 2 Problems… I don’t know how to solve it.

Here is the Site:

This is only a test “Design” for the real Site :wink:

Safari, Opera, IE and Firefox works really great (how I want it) with this Theme. But on mobile devices there are 2 unresolved Problems.

  1. The Menu don’t work on mobile devices
  2. The first Article of the Home, disappears behind the Slider

Both are tested on iPhone4, 5, 5s and on Samsung Galaxy 3, 4

I hope you can help me!

Greetings Satrik

(and sorry if my english is sometimes not correct :smiley: )

One thing I can see for sure is that there is some problem with JavaScript. Most likely your parallax background is conflicting with scroll-to-top button that uses the same “scroll” functionality. I would disable this plugin (maybe other JavaScript plugins as well) and would test what causes these problems.

Once you find what causes this problem, you can remove that functionality from theme and rely on plugins instead.

This is the first thing that needs to be addressed and then we can continue from there.

Thank you for your quick answer Aigars!
I’ve removed the background, but the Problem with the Menu was still there.

Is it possible to remove the “scroll-to-the-top” button completely?

And i got another question. I’ve tried to customize the style.css to get an “fade-in” and “fade-out” effect for the submenus on mouse over and mouse out. I’ve tried a lot of different codes from the internet but i only get the “mouse-over-fade-in” effect and not the “mouse-over-fade-out” effect.

Can you help me?

Greetings Satrik