Retina Logo and images for WordPress theme

Hey Aigars,

Is it possible to have a retina logo in the header and retina images in articles?

For retina support for images you can use plugin such as this one.

This worked fine thanks!

Header Logo was a bit tricky… for everyone else this worked for me:

upload the retina sized image in 600x152px named [email protected]
upload the standard sized image in 300x76px named logo.png

Go to Design/Header and upload choose the logo.png as Logo. Don´t crop it.
This should work and now you should automatically have a retina logo!

Awesome! Thank you for posting these tips!

I think many others will find them useful as well.

Hi chjuettner,

it does not seem to make any change in my logo, is there any css modification needed?

Thank you for any hints :slight_smile:


This thread is outdated and already marked as resolved. Please start your own thread and we will help you from there.