Right Side Bar not showing up on live server

Hi ,
Everything shows perfectly in localhost but when I uploaded the site on the server and make some necessary changes like replacing url’s, Right Side widgets does not shown up.
For this, you can check my site : http://www.britrip.com.

I have tried all possible things like changing the size of strings “s:10”, but nothing happens
Pls help

Sidebar widget areas does work by default. Since you have modified this theme, I don’t know what you did wrong to break it. Since you had to change your website URL from localhost to an actual domain, you might have to recreate these widgets as they might be lost in the process.

Thanks for the reply.

All I have done is, drag n drop the text widget in Right Side bar. I have taken two text widgets - in the first text widget, I left the first box i.e “Title”, blank and the second box, I put this code "<p style=“font-size:20pt; text-align: center; color:#0D409A”>Our Charter Buses</p>
". The same has been done in the second text widget with different file.

Since, right side bar can be seen in the localhost, then why can’t it be seen after uploading on the server.
Pls guide.

Is this widgets still present in WordPress dashboard - Appearance - Widgets - Right Sidebar (not Left Sidebar, there are two separate widget areas)? If so, then there is nothing I can do about it.

If everything is like I mentioned about it means that customization you have done to this theme have broke sidebar functionality. You can just try to to move the same theme files from local server again, probably it lost some files or something. If this is not the case, just reinstall the theme from WordPress theme repo as I am sure that this functionality does work under any circumstances.

ok thanks any way, I think i should reinstall the theme n start working on it once again. I would get back to you if problem arises again.

I have installed Wordpress 3.8.1 and worked on latest version of Travelify 1.5.0. In localhost everything is shown in a perfect manner but after uploading on the server and replaces URL’s widget still not shown on the liver server. Pls help

Pls reply. it’s urgent

How this is urgent if you have removed copyright information from footer (the only way to say thanks for my work) and haven’t donate or supported to theme development in any way?

This isn’t theme related problem and you managed to screw it up somehow. You can see our theme demo which is running WP 3.8.1 and Travelify 1.5.0 and it has no issues with Right sidebar: https://colorlib.com/travelify/ Since you offer web development services, you should figure out what you did wrong.

Also theme is used by 100,000 websites and no one has ever reported this issue before.