Right Sidebar Transferred to the Left Side after Upgrade to WP 4.2

My right sidebar transferred to the left side after upgrading to WordPress 4.2. Please see the screenshots for your reference:

Original Layout(What I want.): http://snag.gy/qa71f.jpg
New Layout after Upgrade: http://snag.gy/Q5GsL.jpg, http://snag.gy/Xnv3l.jpg
Admin Widget: http://snag.gy/XxJAQ.jpg

I did not upgrade my theme to the latest update bec. everything’s screwed when I tried awhile ago so I put it to the old one.

Here’s my site: http://gntours.com/

Your layout is exactly like you described as correct one and maybe it was some local cache issue.

Also there is very little I can help with this theme because you are using completely outdated version of this theme. Also you have registered new sidebars that are not included with theme installation. So all your requests are requests for custom development or your code debugging and these things doesn’t come for free.

Hey there. No worries. I was able to fix it. Thanks.