Right theme for online store + blog website/ Showing categories in one page only

Hi there,

My website is at sparkandspoon.com. I started it as a blog with a sidebar on the right, but now would like to evolve it and add an online store.

I want to change it so that it looks first and foremost like an online store, featuring a small inventory of products. To do this, I think I’d make the homepage a page that shows the product catalog, and would probably remove the sidebar, and make it full width layout.

Secondly, I’d like to keep the blog but move it to another page (not the homepage). My blog has 3 categories of topics. So my question is: Is there a way for the categories to show up at the top of the blog page ONLY (not in all pages), to act as a filter for the blog posts? For example:

All Category A Category B Category C

I have created a new menu (called Online Store) that re-creates the pages almost as described above, but without the categories showing on the Blog page, since I removed the sidebar and doing so removes it in all pages.

I can publish the new menu temporarily if you need to see it.

Second question: Is the theme I’m using the right theme to support an online store + blog website? If not,
I’d be open to switching to another theme if there’s a more appropriate theme for this.

Thank you.

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
First of all Activello was designed as a blog theme and it better serves bloggers, it can be used as shop theme but you will not be as flexible as other themes designed for the shop, for example, Tyche - Free eCommerce Theme - Colorlib
regarding the question, i think that’s not fully possible, you can set your shop page as a homepage, but you cant have it like you want, i mean categories at the top and then shop under it
basically, everything is possible in WordPress but it depends on your experience and knowledge in WordPress ecosystem

Colorlib Support Team

Hi Support Team,

Thanks for your response.

On using Activello as a basic shop theme, I’d like to clarify my second question in my original message. I’d like the home page to look like a shop page, which can be done as you said. On a SEPARATE page, I’d like to have a blog post that lists the 3 categories I have in a single row at the top, or at least keep my existing sidebar which shows different widgets. Is this possible?

With the Tyche theme, for example, the layout for the Shop page at https://colorlib.com/tyche/shop/ is different from the layout for the Blog page at https://colorlib.com/tyche/blog/. The Shop page has the search box and filters on the left sidebar. On the other hand, the Blog page has a right sidebar, which shows different widgets like calendar, categories and recent posts. Can I do the same (different layout for the home page and the blog page) using the Activello theme?

Another question, how are products added in the Tyche theme? I plan to use Shopify for the e-commerce backend, and it appears there’s no integrated between your themes and Shopify (only WooCommerce). Would I then need to manually upload product images and text to the Tyche theme?

Thank you!


  1. sorry but no, that’s not possible :frowning:
  2. no, you cant do the same in Activello, it’s different and how i said it was created for the blog
  3. Tyche uses Woocommerce, you cant use Shopify in WordPress, its absolutely different product,
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