RTL language support


I am using Illdy theme in a multilingual website that contains Left to right (English Fench) and RTL (Arabic) languages.

When I switch to arabic, I face the following problems:

1-testmonial section is not shown correctly: the problem is related to css property value which has to be positive instead of being negative as it should be in LTR languages

2-some theme elements such as yellow lines and symbol (near Read more) is wrongly positioned and has to be changed to be suitable to RTL language.

So, my question is: How to correct these problems in clean way.

From wordpress documentation, they say that we need to convert main.css to rtl.css and proceed to required css changes.

Should I call rtl.css explicitly from the theme or it is loaded automatically?

Mohamed Belhassen

The problem was partially resolved by adding an rtl.css that contains the required modifications for alignment, font awesome icons

But, the testmonial carousel is no longer working correctly when I switch to arabic.

You find an online URL that show

working Language: http://sakha.tn
unworking language: http://sakha.tn/ar/

could you assit me please to resolve this problem.


Hello @mohamedbelhassen,

Unfortunately, the theme does not have RTL support at the current moment and that’s why you are encountering issues.

I have started an investigation with the developers and we’ll improve the RTL support in the upcoming theme updates.

Sorry for the inconvenience!



Thank you for your reply,

I should notice also that po file miss some fields that are hard coded which increase a little bit the localization process.

I am waiting for updates related RTL support :slight_smile:


I kindly request to add a section to Illdy theme showing website partners with dynamic scrolling of their logos if possible.

In fact, I tryied to add such a section with third party plugins but the results are very poor due to CSS problems especially regarding responsive rendering.

Hello @mohamedbelhassen,

I have tracked your request and will consider to add this in the future.

Best regards

Dear support,

First of all, thank you very much for your positive reply,

About the problem concerning the testmonial slider encountered for RTL languages, I found a solution:

I just added few instructions to set the owl carousel to RTL in the case of Arabic language.
More precisely in the file : owl-carousel.js, I added these instructions at line 987 (just before the the block in which translate3d exists):

Note: I tried to put the patch code but I get the following error when submitting the post:
Block reason: An attempted XSS (Cross site scripting) was detected and blocked.

Please see the joined file

We need also to add the ID (“htmlTag”). to <html> tag of the header.

As you can see, this modif works for arabic. so a smarter solution have to consider all RTL langages.


<The problem was partially resolved by adding an rtl.css that contains the required modifications for alignment, font awesome icons>

i have the same issue, i want to make multi-language website with illdy theme( Persian and English) but when i active qTranslate-X plugin and translate the pages it shows the content in Persian left to right not right to left.
how can i solve it ?
how i change the style.css file? i read WordPress documentation but i really didn’t understand how.
can you help me?