SaaS theme - missing style.css

I’ve downloaded the “SaaS” theme, but can`t install it on WordPress. It says - missing style.css file. I tried to upload it via FTP - still the same. Could you pls. help with that?

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question
Saas is not a WordPress theme and it can not be installed in the WordPress :wink:

Colorlib Support Team

Hello, I’m new to WordPress and colorlib. I’ve got the same error (missing style.css) but with another theme. I read the post above and was interested in Saas theme as well. I went back and nothing on the Saas page says it is not a Wordpress theme. In fact I believe your entire website is around Wordpress themes. How do I know what themes support Wordpress?

Hi there

darrenau you are welcome :slight_smile: but please open ticket in the appropriate WordPress theme category, this is not WordPress theme category, this is html themes :slight_smile: