Safario - mobile view not possible

I bought a licence for Safario to be allowed to delete the footer’s copyright. All works fine on desktop, but not on mobile devices. also doesn’t work on smartphone and tablet.
Would you please help?

Hey there

This is HTML template, you need to remove all the credits from the template, once you remove it from the html file it will work :slight_smile:

Hm… I thought I did already:

Where are the copyrights in the footer on Mobile? I cant see them

You wrote “you need to remove all the credits from the template”
and I wrote, that I thought I had removed them. I bought the licence to be allowed to remove.
I am not able to scroll or see the footer on mobile, therefore I asked you.

It was [Order #264873] (February 25, 2020)

And now?

Hi there

Christian, once you get license you have all rights to remove the license,
License from the template must be removed manually, you have to find it in the HTML file and remove them, you can use search text in the files to remove all the mentions of the copyright
If you have this problem and you still see footer credit anywhere on your website please show me, on your website I can see footer but credentials are not there,

perhaps I don’t understand you:
on you see that I removed the copyright. That was a simple thing to do, I started with that.
But my problem is, that on mobile devices it’s not possible to scroll down. You are not able to go on reading a page, you just see the beginning and then your reading has to stopp. Why can’t I scroll down? Did you test it?


Thank you for adding this info, you did not mention scroll problem it from the start :slight_smile:
remove these inline styles: Screenshot by Lightshot

… well, I changed one expression in skrollr.min_js - the only one with overflow:hidden. I see no difference. On your example-pages it’s the same issue. Can you see it?

hey there

In this case, you can try something like this:

html, body {
overflow: visible !important;

Colorlib Support Team

yes, that works. On Android, not on Windows Phone, but it’s okay for me.
Thank you!

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