Sales Tax not working


I’ve built an online store using Travelify. I followed all instructions for setting up the sales tax for my state. I’m using Paypal for payments. No matter what I try, the site will not collect sales tax. None. I have product prices entered exclusive of tax. I cannot figure it out. I’ve seen that some others have posted about this problem (with other WP themes too?) and haven’t found solutions. I’m panicking here because I cannot leave the store online and continue to get orders if it isn’t collecting sales tax from customers. I saw someone else post about a site or something, and it said you need to pay these guys to do it? Is this correct, is this what most people do? Isn’t there a way I can fix this on my own? If anyone can help me… please reply, email me, etc. I’d even be willing to pay you. I must fix this ASAP and get my site collecting taxes as it should. Also yes, I have a base shop address and all of that sort of stuff specified. I have no clue what is causing this.

This has nothing to do with our themes or any WordPress theme out there. This is part of WooCommerce and there are several options how you can properly implement it depending on how wide is your selection of goods. If you have thousands of different goods with different taxes and you are selling them globally then you will have to use some services such as one you mentioned above or some other like and