SCP Order - Ordering bug

I am using the Simple Custom Post Order plugin. I have a custom post type with a specific post order in the WP admin. When I move a post to be the first one, the order doesn’t stay. After I refresh, the post below it swaps to be the first. It’s almost as if it is not saving the changes properly, but it only seems to effect the first and second post in the list. If I filter it to only show posts in a specific category, the same issue occurs there as well. It is not a caching issue, as I have cleared and disabled all caching while troubleshooting the issue.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi there

Make sure its not a sticky post, or conflict with other third-party plugins, can you please check it?

There are no sticky posts and there are no plugin conflicts.

While troubleshooting the issue further yesterday, I found that the post order number is not updating for the first and second post. If I move the second post above the first or vice versa, both posts have the order of 1, rather than setting a unique order number sequentially as I would expect. It then sorts the posts with the same order number based on ID ASC, which is not what I want. I would assume this behavior is abnormal and the plugin should update the order numbers on the posts accordingly when the order has changed.

Because of this behavior, I had to manually set the first post’s order number to 0 so the order numbers would be unique and it would display the posts in the correct order. This is not a real fix though, because it doesn’t guarantee that in the future when posts are reordered, the order numbers won’t get mixed up again.

Hi there

Ok, I understand your problem however I was not able to replicate your problem on my test case. I think we can leave your solution for now, if you still experience the same problem in the future let’s investigate it again