Scroll to top Button and menu disappeared

Hi, I am using activello theme for the past 2 years. It was working fine until now which is bothering me with two issues.

  1. “scroll to top” or “bottom to top” button is not visible when we scroll down the website on any device.

  2. Menu is working just fine on the desktop. But the hamburger version of the menu or drop-down menu is not working either on mobile or in the tablet version.

Please help me fix the problem. My website -

Hey there

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  1. can be fixed by this css code:

    .scroll-to-top {
    display: block;

  2. Yes, that problem is already reported and we are waiting for the fix in the next theme update, sorry about that

Thanks for the response.

I have added the code. Now the button appears but not working on any device. Please help me fix this.

Hi there

Code is not added, please add it and let me check it again

Hi, code now added. Please check. The button is still not working.


Yes, I see some JS errors in the dev tools, can you please deactivate all your third party plugins and caching?

Done. But still does not working.

I have deactivated all the plugins. Now also the button is not working.
Any solution?


The button is still not available, I can’t debug it without seeing the problem :slight_smile:

sorry, I waited for you yesterday for so long. Now, I have done added the code and deactivated the plugin. Please check now.

The button appears but still not working. Please check.


Ok, sorry, try to use this plugin instead, its a tiny plugin and it will not affect anything: