Search, archive, meta, reply box REMOVAL

how do i eliminate the search, archive, meta and reply box at the bottom of the page

Have pulled all widgets off the page and can’t find these unwanted items are being genereated


I found the full page attribute to eliminate the unwanted sidebar.

If you could direct me to how to eliminate the reply comment box at the bottom that would be a big help

thanks much!

Here is how you can enable or disable comments (leave a reply section) in WordPress.

Thank you for your response. A bit confused. I am on Wordpress.ORG not Wordpress.COM as your post above suggests and still can’t figure out how to pull the comments off my Dazzling Theme pages.

Any further direction greatly appreciated, going cross eyed :slight_smile:

I know that you are using self-hosted blog but both platforms works the same way. The only difference between and .org is that you can’t install third party themes and plugins on This tutorials works on both .com and .org, so make sure to read and follow these simple steps. If not, read again, again and again.

Ha ha OK Thanks, wish me luck. I went thru step by step and could not locate the Screen Options drop down

“By default, new blogs on will have the Discussion module hidden. You can reveal it by clicking on Screen Options on the top right, and checking the box that says Discussion.”


I admit I am overtired so may be missing the obvious

Can you see them now? :slight_smile:

Ha ha, yes I see the “Screen Options” (Not THAT overtired) however

To prevent any kind of discussion, to UNCHECK for comments does not exist there.

thought maybe it was a cross browser issue, so logged on via firefox (currently on Chrome) unfortunately that box to uncheck for allow comments was not there either

Please provide with screen shot what you can see when you open “Screen Options”

You can use to upload your screenshot and post link to image here.

SCREEN shot sent, thanks!!!

You didn’t need to sent it anywhere. Upload it on and post a link to image here, so I can see it.


Ok, now we are on the same page.

Screen Options are different on every screen you open in WordPress. It is different for Posts, Pages, Dashboard, Media etc. In you case you need to open (open for editing ) that page from which you want to remove comments. Then you can open Screen Options and there you will see “Discussion” and once enabled you will see widget with comment options at the very bottom of Post/Page edit screen.

God Bless you!!! May everything wonderful happen for you the rest of your days! THANK YOU!

I’m glad I could help :slight_smile:

You most certainly DID help TY