Secondary menu

I am trying to add a secondary menu above the header. I have created a function in /inc/extras.php and registred it in the functions.php.

function sparkling_secondary_menu() {
	// display the WordPress Custom Menu if available
	'menu'              => 'secondary',
	'theme_location'    => 'secondary',
	'depth'             => 1,
	'container'         => 'div',
	'container_class'   => 'collapse navbar-collapse navbar-ex1-collapse',
	'menu_class'        => 'nav navbar-nav',
	'fallback_cb'       => 'wp_bootstrap_navwalker::fallback',
	'walker'            => new wp_bootstrap_navwalker()

But I am not sure how to make a right placement of this menu. Would appreciate any help. Thanks.

Now you need to add it on header.php file like this:

<?php sparkling_secondary_menu(); ?>

But this is where is will get really tricky because this menu will be now printed in header but it will look nothing like menu (maybe it will borrow some styling from default menu but not sure about that) and you will have to style it properly to make it work with the overall theme layout.

Thanks, Aigars. Yes, I’ve alredy added this line in headre.php as well.
The trick, as you’ve mentioned, is to style it correctly. Actualy now it looks like the promary menu, just added the same wide line.