secondary nav-menu not showing dropdown second level

Hi there,

I used the built-in WP menu functions to define a secondary nav-menu that i am showing above the main navigation.
Unfortunately the second level (subpages) are not rendered. So i do get the little down-arrow, but nothing happens when i hover the li.

Any ideas on how to get it to work?

The necessary classes seem to render fine (navbar-collapse etc.)

Thank you.

the URL is here:

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I have checked our website and the sub menu links appear on my end, so in this case please clear your browser cache and reload the page as that should fix this issue.

Here is a useful link:

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Hi there,

Can you confirm that for “DOWNLOAD” you see the sub menu?

the regular nav-menu works fine.
It´s just the secondary nav-menu ON THE TOP that doesnt work.

thanks again!