Section Header Text Color

Greetings, all –

I’ve changed the background color of my “Team” section to a darker blue, and would like to change the section title (which now reads “OUR SHOWCASE”) to white. I’ve figured out how to change the content text color, but I can’t seem to figure out the title. I would assume that it’s something that can be done via custom CSS, but I’ll be doggoned if I can figure it out… :confused:

Here’s the site, if anybody wants to take a quick look at my issue:

Many thanks!

Hi Masterworks,

Your site is down, I can´t see nothing.

Rerply to this post when you will be live.


Good morning!

Many apologies – I meant to come back in and say that I resolved the issue by using HTML to set the font color in the section title (after making the appropriate changes to customizer.php).

My issue now is the color of text in that section. In Chrome, Firefox, Safari and mobile, the text below the images is black, but with Edge, it’s white — the color that I want it to be across all platforms. I’d really like to include the text as part of the links, but I don’t want to set a global link color (for obvious reasons) Any thoughts…? (site is back up, and I’m including a screen shot)

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Ok – got THAT issue resolved (amazing what you can do if you just experiment). What I CAN’T figure out is how to get tables to display properly. In the “OUR SHOWCASE” section, I would prefer to have 5 thumbnails on a single row (with text links below them), rather than a column of banners, but when I try to do it (via HTML or shortcode), it displays the thumbnails vertically rather than horizontally.

Also, in that section (and any section, really), is there some way to tighten up the bottom of the section so that there’s not so much blank space below the last banner?


Hi Masterworks,

Try to use the projects widget for the desired results, images displayed at a single row:Appearance, Customize, Insert widget, select your picture and save(to better fit your images maybe you need to resize the pictures.

In order to tighten up the bottom of the section so that there’s not so much blank space below the last banner modify the first padding, example, using this css code:

padding: 65px 0 85px 0;      

you could do these for the others sections:



Thank you so much!! (for the reply, and for the help) That’s exactly what I needed… :slight_smile: