SEO fixes-alt text on images and h2 section headings

Hello, and thank you for the amazing theme! I love Illdy, and have been using it for a long time! I’ve recently been updating my website and optimizing SEO and have run into a couple difficulties:

  1. alt tags removed from images- I’ve added alt tags for my images when I uploaded them, but when they are pulled through to the front page, my alt text is gone. This is happening to my slideshow images, the parallax ones behind the front page sections, and the header image for the blog. How do I fix it so my alt text comes through?

  2. headings- the headings jump from h1 (page heading on slideshow) to h3 (section headings). I would like to change the section headings to h2 for SEO purposes. Is there a way to make this change?

Again, thank you for the great theme, and thanks in advance for your response! :slight_smile:

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thank you for question

  1. these images are a backgroudn image, they are added via css and they don’t have alt texts
  2. check how and from where they are added, if there is an option to change their tag then do it otherwise I’m afraid this is not possible