SEO Plugin

Which SEO plugin would you recommend for Unite?

Any SEO plugin is compatible with this theme but my personal favorite is SEO by Yoast. But you can feel free to use SEO Ultimate, All in One SEO Pack or any other SEO plugin and you will get the same results. I am just more familiar with SEO plugin by Yoast and I can recommend it to anyone.

Oh great! using the same plug in. Just wanted to confirm as i was facing some problem while optimizing home page and noticed it wasn’t picking up content from home page carousel. Am i correct in my observation and if yes then what are the alternatives. The main contents of my websites home page is the carousel and the 3 home widgets.

Google will pick it as your website content but SEO by Yoast doesn’t recognize it because it looks inside your post content and slider is not part of it. Well, visually (that’s what matters to your visitors and Google) it is, but technically it not on the same page and is loaded from elsewhere. Those are tiny details and you shouldn’t worry about that.

Well understood :slight_smile: Thanks again for the help.