Separate text colors in one hyperlink. Is it possible?

I currently have a hyperlinked navbar definition in a master page that looks something like this:

Some Text

In this particular example, I’d like to make the words “Some” and “Text” two different colors, but still retain them as part of the same hyperlink. Is there a way to do this? I know how to change the color of the text itself using in-line CSS, but I’d like a way to incorporate separate colors if I can. The bulk of my experience is in back-end development and low-level programming so I’m a total noob when it comes to front-end practices. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Hey there

Well, it will look something like this:

<span style=“color:red;”>Some</span><span style=“color:green;”> Text</span>

<a href="#" rel="nofollow"><span style="color:red;">Some</span><span style="color:green;"> Text</span></a>