Separator not displaying correctly

I have created a page with a separator, the design is for a short separator in a custom colour.
Screenshot 2020-10-15 at 08.25.25
On the live page is it s full width grey separator.

Can anyone advise why this is different?

Hey there

Please provide a link to the page and I will check it

Hello, this is the page:

Many thanks

hey there

try this css code:

hr {
    border-color: #a3008e;

It will change your border-color

Thanks, that has changed the colour but the separators are still full width - do you know how I can get the short dividers as in the screenshot above? Many thanks

I see you already managed to fix it?

They are actually individual images I created. Not ideal but look a lot better! Thanks for your help.

Ok, :slight_smile:
Yes, they look better for me

If you still have any question please start a new ticket