Server HTML Template - Change Icons and Move Testimonial Slider

I am currently working with the Server HTML template and have ran into a few issues. First, I am trying to change out the icons along the top and found that there are a bunch all hidden in one svg file. How do I access it to see what my other options are? how can I replace them with my own?

In addition, I want to move the testimonial slider that is located at the bottom to be on top of a banner, but it the arrows get moved to the left and the carousel dots disappear completely. I have moved the entire containing DIV but don’t see where the arrows or dots are at all in this DIV.
I’ve attached screenshots so that you have a reference to what I am referring to.

Hey there

  1. link to the age and link to your icon you want to use,
  2. i need link to the page to see the problem, just copy testimonial section and paste it where you wanted it to be