Set page to static - How can i do it without ?

Hey everyone,

I used to run the activello theme and it worked perfect. Since today i found the Newspaper X theme and i really like the way it looks so i decided to go for it.

I have one problem: - The three images displayed next to eachother on the demo (I believe its called the header module).
The only way i can get those to appear is by setting my front page to static. and i dont want that, you even suggest it at the recommended settings to change it to static. I run a news site, why would i want to show people a static page instead of my latest articles ?

How can i get those images to show up as they do on the demo without having to set up a static page ?

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That layout only works when the page is set to static.
Its a template for the homepage, its how the theme was designed.
There’s no work around available for this that doesn’t include custom code, which under the support we’re able to provide.

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