Set up Homepage Featured Slider - can not set category

I just installed Version: 2.4.9 with a new Wordpress Version: 2.4.9 on a Hostgator Shared Server. I have been using Hostgator for 15+ years an Sparkling about 6 years, including child themes on many sites. This new site IS NOT USING A CHILD THEME, although I have lots of experience setting up and using the Sparkling child theme.

Today tried to enable Sliders and unable to find anywhere to assign a category to an uploaded image. Google has no viable clue either.

Your documentation talks about “built-in Flexslider”, too. I don’t see any configurations for Flexslider, and all references to it in Google are 2016ish. Also, Colorlib doc notes “if it not working” all go back to 2014-2016.

I can handle custom css and php, so open to modifications.

So what is the problem?

If it does not work, just say so and I can use the Block Editor’s slider.

Thanks for your time,
Dave Van Abel