Set up of shop feature

Hi there,

How do i set up shop feature? Can I use esty, shopify or other?

What does the shapely demo use?

hey there

Sorry but not clearly understand your question, it’s not well-formulated, can you tell me what is your goal?
Our theme only works on WordPress and it has nothing with the Shopify or any other platform

Hey sorry my question wasn’t clear…

Referencing the shapely demo. It has a shop (please see screen grab).

I guess this is achieved by using a plugin?

So my questions are:

-What plugin has been used for the shop page on the shapely demo?

-Is Shapely (wordpress) compatible with esty or shopify (if plugin are available)

Hey there

Its Woocommerce, most popular WordPress shop future,

“-Is Shapely (wordpress) compatible with esty or shopify (if plugin are available)”- this question does not make any sense, WordPress is CMS, Shapely is WordPress theme, they can not be compatible to Etsy or Shopify, they are different platforms,

Hope this helps