Setting a Featured image but not in slider

I am trying to add a featured image to my blog post. but everytime i add an featured image it comes up instantly in my slider.

Sometimes i do want to display an featured image for a post but i dont want it to show up in the slider.

I know i can change it by setting the slider options to a different category but i post about a lot of different things on my blog so creating a different category for each post is virtually impossible.

Is there a way to use images as a “featured image” without it showing up in the slider ??

Hi @jamescarterd8,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

You are trying to do wrong.

You can either create posts specific to slider category and exclude it from displaying on your site anywhere by using the solution posted in the following topic

Or you can use pages for the slider instead of posts by developing solution as described here

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